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Melasma, Brown Spots, Dark Areas on Skin

Melasma is brown patches

Melasma is not a serious health threatening condition.  However, the effect it has on its victim is without question.

Melasma is a form of hyper pigmentation characterized by brown spots, most often found on the face.  It most often occurs in women.

Melasma is generally triggered by a hormonal change. It can be caused by birth control pills or pregnancy.  The discoloration is treated with certain prescriptive products containing hydroquinone.  Ageless Remedies Medical Spa of Alpharetta carries several different pharmaceutical lines with products that treat discolorations.

Ageless Remedies has introduced a breakthrough in chemical peels from PCA skin.  The PCA Peel with Hydroquinone is an exfoliating treatment that will quickly lighten pigmentation discoloration including Melasma.

IPL Photo Facials have also been somewhat effective in lessening the darker pigmentation.  Contact an Ageless Remedies Medical Spa medical esthetician for details.

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