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Your Legs Can Be Smooth and Attractive

Remove leg veins for Smooth Silky Legs

Attractive legs are fit, unblemished and do not have spider veins.  Those tiny blue or red veins that appear on the surface of our skin are a nuisance and are distractions. 

The cause for their appearance can be as simple as a hot bath to as complex as an injury under strenuous conditions.  

Ageless Remedies Medical Spa of Alpharetta uses the Candela GentleYag Laser.  It collapses the vein under the surface of the skin.  Our physician assistants also use sclerotherapy injections to blanch the vein and have it absorbed by the body.

Contact Ageless Remedies Medical Spa professionals for a free consultation.  We will provide a free examination and discuss your treatment options.  It is not necessary for you to live with unsightly spider veins.

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