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Remove Unwanted Hair for a Silky TouchSmooth silky skin from head to toe

A beautiful look suggests-- soft, smooth, unblemished skin.  

Ageless Remedies Medical Spa of Alpharetta specializes in removing unwanted hair for that silky feel wherever you want, whenever you want.  Laser hair removal can be done where you have unwanted growth.

No more cuts, no more bumps with laser hair removal.   Areas that can be treated include: lip and chin, legs, underarms, bikini or brazilian area, arms, hands, feet.  For male customers that particularly want the groomed look, there are treatments for the back, chest, neck as well as beard shaping.

Short term solutions to fair, particularly fine, light hair on the face is dermaplaning.  It is a single service or can be combined into a facial as is the case with the Ageless Remedies Medical Spa Signature Facial.  Of course, waxing is a proven procedure for the temporary removal of hair.

For that 'begged to be touched' look, ask your Ageless Remedies Medical Spa medical esthetician about laser hair removal plans and the easy financing options.

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