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Laser Skin Tightening FAQs

Am I a Candidate for Laser Skin Tightening?
Laser skin tightening is appropriate for men and women of all skin types and skin tones who are concerned with sagging, loose skin in their cheeks, neck, chest, abdomen, buttocks, legs, and arms as a result of loss of elasticity or extreme weight changes.

What can I expect from skin tightening treatments?
The type of laser, body condition and skin type determine the level of results.  The rule is the more aggressive the treatment, the more positive the outcome.

Ageless Remedies has two treatments – two levels of laser skin tightening.  We use the Candela GentleYAG for skin tightening particularly for the face, neck and arms. Fractional CO2 laser treatment is the more aggressive approach and delivers the most improved results. It is effective for the treatment of the face and neck and all areas of the body.

To a varying degree, both treatments will improve the tightness, texture and overall health of the treated areas.

What type of pre and post treatment should I expect?
The treatment with the CandelaYAG requires the patient to be unexposed to the sun for 10 days prior to treatment and must inform the technician about any photosensitivity medication or topical treatments they may be taking, including Retin-A.
The Fractional Laser treatment requirements and follow up is slightly more involved.  Please click the above link for more information, including an overview of the procedure, pre treatment and post treatment expectations.

How much down time should I consider?
The Candela uses energy levels to deliver results with reduced patient discomfort. Consequently, multiple treatments are required to achieve significant results.  There is no downtime.  The patient could experience a slight swelling and redness of the skin which resolves itself in less than 24 hours.

The fractional CO2 with a downtime of 3-6 days may be used with minimal sacrifice of results.  

What is the general pricing of these two skin tightening approaches?
Skin tightening cost depends on the technology selection, the number of procedures and the size of the treated area.  Services done with the CandelaYAG vary between $500 to $3000 for single to package treatments.

Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing is usually a single treatment for around $1500 - $2000.  Occasionally, two treatments are necessary, such as when dealing with scarring, making the cost around $3000.

Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing