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Fine Lines and Wrinkles Signs of AgingFine Lines and Wrinkle Reduction

 The first sign of youth is a smooth, bright skin.  The first sign of aging is the developing wrinkles in our skin.

UV rays, sun damage, are responsible for 90% of our skin's aging process.  Those UVA and UVB rays destroy the collagen in our skin.  This fibrin material supports the edidermal layer providing a smooth texture and diminished lines and wrinkles.  Preserving the collagen is the first step and it must begun early in life.  The second step is to assist the body in collagen rebuilding.

Treating with Botox and dermal fillers can bring immediate results.  Facials, peels, IPLs and microdermabrasions eliminate fine lines while improving the overall health of your skin.  Ageless Remedies Medical Spa of Alpharetta offers Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing and Candela Laser Skin Tightening that deliver long term solutions for lines and wrinkles.

We can protect ourselves from more lines and wrinkles with the dedicated use of sunscreens, everyday, in the sun, in the car, in the office.  A physical block is the prefered and most effective.  The SPF should be 35 or higher.  (As part of every Ageless Remedies' skin care protocol, the application of sunscreen is the last thing we do before thanking you.)

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