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I want to look younger and healthier!  That concern is a typical beginning to an informative exchange between our clients and a member of our medical esthetics staff.  If your concern is where do I begin...the answer that opens the door is a consultation with one of the Ageless Remedies medical estheticians or physician assistants. In fact, we introduce each new patient or begin each treatment change with a complimentary consultation. 

Advancements in the skin care products and equipment technology are expanding daily.  The available options for the client to achieve their goals has increased.  For example, which approach is the best to take to remove lines and wrinkles?  Should I do Botox or a filler?  Will a laser take away my brown sun spots?  Is there anything that can be done for the loose skin on my face and neck?  (Please see Skin Concerns)

The Ageless Remedies medical professionals will have you complete a brief but integral history profile.  An interview will take place to cover any medical issues you may be dealing with.  We will listen to  and understand the goals you have.  You may be invited to have a Wood's Lamp analysis to identify current and potential problem areas.  It's all important and all included in the complementary consultation.

We want to help you accomplish a younger, healthier looking you. Our staff is certified and experienced in the products they recommend and the equipment they use.  They will make recommendations, incorporate a plan, on services or an at-home regimen or both. They will lay out a Personal Treatment Program based upon the look you want to achieve.   They will provide you the information to clear up confusion and assist you in making the best decision...for you.

Call 770-475-0770 to schedule your skin care consultation.  There is a $35 charge for the time.  That fee will be applied to your retail products, when purchased within 30 days.  Consultations are free for Laser, Injectable and Esthetic services.  Or click and schedule your appointment, below.

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