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Brown Spots, Age Spots, MelasmaBrown Age spots from sun exposure

Ageless Remedies medical spa hears the concern of age spots - those brown or red spots of pigmentation that appear as we age.

Melanin is a natural pigmentation or coloring agent in your skin.  Commonly called age or  sun spots, areas of hyperpigmentation appear on the face, hands, arms and chest after you have had continual exposure to the sun. 

Another form of hyper pigmentation is called Melasma.  Melasma is triggered by  pregnancy, menopause, birth control pills and other hormonal changes.  These colorations are blotchy in nature and cover the cheek, forehead and temples. 

Ageless Remedies, Alpharetta med spa,  has a variety of services designed to address this very visible sign of sun damage.  IPL Photo Facials, chemical peels and microdermabrasions remove the discolorations and the surface skin cells that contain the hyper pigmentation.

We may prescribe an at home regimen alone or to compliment a service.  Product lines from Obagi, NIA24, Glytone, Skinceuticals and others use prescriptive grade Hydroquinone (skin brightening agent), Retin-A or Alpha Hydroxy Acids.  Hydroquinone will suppress melanin production in the cell.  The Retin-A and Alpha Hydroxy Acids exfoliate the top layer of the skin, allowing the hyper pigmentation to slough.

The products will not correct as deeply but are an ideal compliment to continue the progress your service just provided.

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